Digital Audio Recorder

When humans saw that they couldn’t just write what others spoke, they found out an innovative solution to the problem. They built an audio recorder and the first audio recorder took shape. This became an instant hit with the people and especially the government authorities and the journalists. The first recorders used magnetic disks and later shifted to tapes and then came the digital age.Checkout audio recorder for more info.

The potential of audio recorders was instantly recognized and it was not too late before they were being used as spy gadgets. The progressive years saw the size becoming smaller and the technology in use became more sophisticated. This paved way for the universal digital audio recorder. One of the most technologically advanced audio recorders is here and is called the 576 hours Digital Phone/Room Recorder.

A Review

The recorder has moved on to be just a recording device to being a multi-functional device. The geeky gadget has all the recording options you can think of, including automated time specified recording. The sleek gadget has surely captured the imagination of millions of gadget lovers worldwide and is being used as more than a simple recorder.

Here are some functional specifications:

-Move over mono recording, the gadget boasts of a stereo recording so that you can record even the minutest of sounds.

-The FM tuner and recording function is one nifty addition to the gadget where you can record and listen to your favorite tracks while on the move.

-The FSTN LCD display with the white backlight ensures that you can view the screen even in the brightest of surroundings.

-The best thing is the recording time it allows. At 576 hours of continuous LP recording, it is way ahead of its competitors.

-It has an in-built ear protection function which protects your hearing from continuous long hours of exposure to the audio playback. For playback, the amplifier is hi-fi and high quality speakers are provided.

-File management system includes 3 folders which have been specified by default so that you know where you’re storing your files.

-You can seamlessly record mobile phone conversations or telephone ones with a single button.

-Now record what you want to with MP3 and WMA recording for better quality recording.

-Provided with USB connector to download or upload files easily and for faster file transfer.

-Lithium battery ensures long hours of uninterrupted recording and easy charging via USB port.

-19 language display so that you can carry it wherever you want to!


-This is indeed a great device but unless you have some serious recording work to do, you may not consider buying it. With cell phones becoming more functional, great audio recording is available on some good phones too.

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